söndag 11 oktober 2015

More Left from Right

Once again I find my self building a left arm weapon from a right one. This time it is the rapid firing battle-cannon. Not only is the body of the gun just made to accept the magazine from one side, the original shield is also asymmetric, which would make the guns look out of place if I just build one identical gun and placed it on the other side. Switching side of the magazine was not really difficult and it will just require some GS to fill in the gaps. The shield and the auto-cannon is another matter though. The shield is very hard to convert to get it mirror symmetric so instead I used the shield to the Gatling cannon, which surprisingly is made to fit both right an left arm. This however meant that I could not use the original auto cannons, so instead I use a pair of the back mounted auto-cannons and fitted them to the underside of the cannons instead, All in all I think they look fairly similar.

I also attach the back of the envelop sketch that I made of the trio before deciding on the project.

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