söndag 1 november 2015

WIP; knights etc

Just a short update on the Knight progress. Since last time I have been working on bases, I know that I am not big on these as I want the model to be the centre of focus. But to make the stands of the Knights work I need them to interact with the ground and hence I need to make the bases first. As mentioned in a previous post I am playing around with cork and sand for the bases and I will carry this through to these Knights also. Well, as I was going to make some base work I also thought I would finish the bases for the Titans as well. As I was in a bit of a hurry when I glued the bases plates to the feet of the titans I did not really think to much about what the bases should look like. I think I was just going to add the sand. But I really liked the effect of the cork on the Knight base so I decided to do something with this also for the Titans. But as they were already glued to the bases I had to work around the feet rather than having them stand on the cork. In the end I ended up doing some road surface which cracks beneath the tread of the titans. I know that the way the broken pieces lie around the holes are not the way the would end up in reality but it was the best I could to with what I had and I needed to cover the holes between the feet and the road. I think it looks passable at least. So most of my time has gone into making and building bases this week but in the end I also managed to get the legs for the War Lord Knight built.

Also, I took some photos of the titans out side in natural light, to see if I could get the real colour across.

O, and by the way, I got request to show the Gatling mounted gas canisters I decided not to use...

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  1. Love the outdoor pictures - very nice. You'll have to do more with forced perspective - angling the camera to make the trees and buildings in the background look smaller. In the winter, your chaos titans could look quite mean.