torsdag 2 januari 2014


Epic fail. Just because you think you know how to do something, you should not take it for granted. This time I failed with the drybrushing, which is sort of my technique. I thought that I would paint up a bloodcrucher with the same paint scheme I used on the blood letter the other day. So I assembled the model, got it sprayed and set to work. But I forgot that you can not drybruch for to long with one colour run. This is especially true if your drybrush is on the shorter side. So either you use less colours or paint smaller areas. The black to yellow paint scheme used on the bloodletter uses 9 colours that needs to be applied in one go.  So at the end the brush was so full of colour that it was more of a felt pen rather than e brush. This off course meant that instead of applying paint I was rubbing it away. So I really should have divided the model on the rider and the steed to keep a nice even application of paint through out all shades. Well, once started it is only to finish what you have begun, so I did finish the paint job. I am not to happy with the quality but the over all scheme is ok. I did think that I should cover the metal in flaked black paint as I have done on the forge fiend and hell drake, but I really liked the bare metal contrasting to the very bright daemon flesh. Well now that I know how to paint these I just have to paint up the rest.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Well I would be happy with what you have in the pictures, he looks fine to me.

  2. Well, it took quite some time of touching up to get it to this state. I would guess I spent as much fixing it as I did painting it in the fist place. But it did turn out ok. It was mostly the red-yellow that to busted due to the clogging up of the drybrush.