söndag 12 januari 2014

Update on the Death Guard, Hell Lord and other stuff

This week as not seen much painting. Most of my time as been spent on building things and trying to get my car to work again. But I did finish of my trio of Death Guard. I also painted a Fallen Dark Angel thrall as well as pepping two assault marines to be painted as fallen angles. I have also been playing around with a Desert Eagle terminator designated as Eagle Guard. But most of the time has been spent on the legs for the Hell Lord. On my last post it was pointed out that the thigh armour looked a bit over dimensioned and it was suggested that I make them smaller. This however is tricky as I am using some plastic parts as decoration and they have their shape which I cant do much about. Instead I thought that I could make the legs more even by adding graves to the lower part of the leg. This has not been finished and they are only mock-up mounted on the legs at the moment. Apart from that I added some pistons to the back of the thighs. I also spent some time to fix the belly canon onto the pelvis, balancing it on three hydraulic pistons. Now I just have to fix the details on the legs and pelvis so that I can mount them properly. The feet also needs to get some attention. Then it is on to the upper body, the axe, the shield and finally the flight pack with wings and the tail...  so much left to do.

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