lördag 4 januari 2014

Hell Lord wip

What do you get if you cross a Lord of skulls with a Hell drake? You get a, Hell Lord....  or you will eventually. Just now I am playing around with a build that has been swimming around in the back of my head since my first Lord of skulls build. I want it walking and I want to give it wings. Just now I am just assessing possible ways of assembling some of the parts and building some new ones to fill in for parts that I can not get from the kits. At the moment I am mostly concerned with the the legs to torso proportions. I do not want the legs to be to long with a squat upper body nor do I want to give it to short legs making it look like dwarf. The proportions must stay mostly human. I am using the same leg build that I did for the CC-knight which is based on the front claws of a defiler. I have build new leg amour to cover the thighs and for decorations I split some head crests for the Lord of skulls. The pelvic region is currently very thin as I could not use the original parts from the Lord of skulls as they made the upper body to tall. Instead I have just a small ball en socket type of joint but it will be sured up by the pistons from the Lord of skulls.

I am also working on a flight pack that will attach to the back. This will also hold the wings from the hell drake in an upward position making the model almost twice as tall and a tail.

It will be armed with a great twin headed chain axe and a tall shield and some random guns.

Well that is about as far as I am right now. I will keep playing around with parts and blue tack until I get the build as I want it then I wills start cleaning up the parts and start on the green stuff work. In between I am sure there will be some other models that get painted.

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  1. The legs look very thick on the thighs right now...perhaps having the centerline come to a point rather than having the front of the legs be flat would make it more rounded and less...odd... Although this would also mean making a separate knee plate so that the khorne symbol would still be flat.

    Looks great though, Cant wait to see it finished.