söndag 19 januari 2014

Opus Magna update

Hi there. Just a short update on the Opus Magna. I have now constructed the elevators that will transport the aircraft from the deck to the hangar bay. They are a little tall and will be shortened to the right hight once the rest of the sides are built. Talking about the sides, I have also started to build the two decks that will go beneath the flight deck. The top of these will have a balcony running around the outside and the edge will be lined with defence barriers making it a nice battlement for any troops to shoot from. The second deck will mostly just be a there to create a graduation from the side of the hull to the balcony beneath the deck.

At this point I am really starting to worry about the size of this build. I might have an understanding wife but not even I know where I will put this thing. It is probably big enough to actually use as a game board.

Well, I will keep building the rest of the decks and try to make some arrangement so that I can get it all together will still being able to disassemble it.

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