måndag 6 januari 2014

Death Guard?

I have long been thinking about painting some pre heresy era models. My fallen Dark Angels might count as a pre heresy paint scheme but painting black is not that exciting (though there will be more of them). I have also thought about buying some FW models and then I need some striking colours to show of the models. I have been a fan of Mortarion since the first times I played epic (might have been the model). However, I am not a follower of father Nurgel, or at least not of his (GWs?) aesthetics for the lord of decay and his followers. I can not see why someone as cool as Mortarion and the Death guard has to swell up, become bloated and spill their entrails. Sure I get the fluff with the destroyer hive and all that, but I can still not get around the plague marine look. But then again, pre heresy they are still cool, and the models made by FW for the Death Guard are also cool so that might be the solution to my problem, paint a cool army in pre heresy. Well, I will fist try to find the colours. Most people paint the Death Guard in white with bright green shoulder trim. In the fluff they are described as anything from grey to marble (colour unknown) to white...  so I take it that they should be in the grey to white shade. I have some chaos marines laying around for test painting so I build my self some stand in death guard. What I have learned from my Desert Eagles is that a monochromatic palette actually works quite well on models. You can achieve different "colour" just by starting or ending at different points in your colour line up. As the model would have green trim on the shoulders I decided to give the white a slight green tinge to pick up the borders of the model and make them blend in better. Then of course the model would have rusted metal and a lot of grime and wear. All in all the painting when rather well. I am not sure I actually got the look I was aiming for. The white is more ash grey then bone white but it goes well with green. I also reversed the colours of the Death Guard enblem, so that the Iron Halo is a bright grey instead of the black mostly seen (it is described as iron grey in the fluff, at least as far as I remember).
 I tried to get some photos but it is impossible to get a true representation of the colour with the light I have available (dark out side and bright spotlights on a light coloured model). I will try to get better pics with natural light when I can. I might try to change the recipe for the next model just to see if it can be improved. Maybe go more towards the more classic FW look with a more pronounced white.

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  1. I really like this idea. I would imagine the death guard would have undergone a transition to their bloated, twisted forms. I think the painting is really good too!