söndag 29 december 2013

Bloodletter test

Hi there. This Christmas I treated my self to some plastic drugs. I more or less walked in to the local hobby store and started picking out boxes of models I have wanted to paint for some time. The only restriction was that it had to be infantry as I have way to many big models left to paint and I need something I can finish in one sitting. Amongst the models that ended up in my shopping cart was some bloodletters. I have had my eye on these for some years but never gotten around to actually painting them. Well to make a short story short, I assembled one this evening and gave it a quick paint job to try out the paint scheme. After having a look around the net I decided not to go for the traditional light red bloodletters that GW and most other people (on the net) are doing. Instead I wanted some contrast as I had decided that the whole model would be the same colour to represent their demonic nature. I am quite pleased with the look, but it is quite far from a traditional bloodletter, so what do you think, should I paint the rest the same way?

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