tisdag 17 december 2013

Fallen Dark Angels Champions

Just a short update. This week and last? I have not had much hobby time. I am still painting away on the dropship but progress is slow. I have just started preparing the engines which are the last part of the dropship proper. Then I just need to paint up some missiles and missile pods to finish it of. In the mean time I have tried to finish the chaos champions from the Dark Vengance set. As I have shown before, I choose to paint them up as fallen Dark Angels and I think they look good together with the rest of the FDA. I also tried a new way of painting the power/demon weapon on the leader. On the FDA terminator sergeant I painted some lightning pattern which turned out ok, but not great. So this time I thought that I would try some drybrushing to get I nice glow to the weapon. It did not turn out exactly as I had envisioned but I am still very pleased with the result. I think the blending is rather smooth if I might say so my self. I might try this out again for other power weapons in the army.

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