söndag 21 augusti 2016

WIP, CCW and Varangian

Not much to say really. I am working with the assembly of the Varangian torso at the same time that I am painting on the CCW knight. Painting is more or less my standard recipe now, so it is just going through the motion.

On the Varanginan I have to think a bit more. I have now assembled the rest of the side walls on the torso and pinned them with paperclips. Once the walls were tone I stated on the roof. Since it will be removable I decided to do it as one piece, with the lid and the intakes, ridges and exhausts. Here it is important to make sure the ridges are not to wide (I actually had to warm them and press them together somewhat), as they do not have much space to attach to on the side of the lid (there are very shallow groves that they need to fit into). Hopefully I will be able to fit this onto the rest without ending up in some catch 22 scenario of one piece needing to be there before the rest etc... Once I see that this works I need to remove the ridges on the underside of the roof, to make space for the interior. I wanted to wait with this until the ridges were in place so that I do not deform the roof plate.

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