fredag 5 augusti 2016

CCW inside WIP

After spraying the CCW knight I could not hold back from some painting, so I started out with the inside. This time I went with a lither green-white inside the knight instead of using the same green brown of the outside as I did on the first knight. This was inspired by John over on 40k hobby blog who has also made some really nice interiors for his knight. Well all in all it is not much to say really. My GS sculpting is not so good which translates into the detail of the knight. Not much of this will be seen any way but I have learned a few things that I will implement for the other knights. One thing being, that all panels with buttons and lights etc should be made separate and then mounted in the knight instead of being sculpted in place. Now I have assembled the torso and need to wait for it to set before moving on.

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