torsdag 18 augusti 2016

Update CCW and Varangian

Things are moving, both on the Varangian as well as on the CCW knight. As I did not come up with any thing that needed fixing at the bottom of the Warlord torso I decided to go ahead and start gluing. With the amount of dry-fitting I have done I thought that I knew how to assemble it. So I decided to start with the back wall and get everything centered. Bad Idea. once it is there you cant mount the sides, luckily I noticed this before leaving everything to dry. So I went a head and glued in the side pieces also, and to get the right spacing I also put in the front piece, and then suddenly I had the whole bottom part of the torso glued. I tried to use clamps to hold everything together but in the end I ended up wrapping it with rubber bands. Now I will glue the back piece in and the side walls. Then I can finish the inside build and start with detailing, both on the inside and outside.

When I am not working on the warlord I am painting on the CCW knight. I have now finished most of the insides, cockpit and engine compartment with turbines. The outside is also done and I have moved on to the legs which are now base painted green and are awaiting shipping, grease and rust.

And sometimes I do not know why I paint some of the things I do, I mean the whole inside of the knight will not be seen unless I take it a part (but that was also part of the modeling experience). So all the hazard stripes etc is a bit over kill, but I can still justify it a bit as the top carapace can be removed also for exhibition purposes. But then we have things like the numbers on the sides of the turbines, they will never be seen again once these go into the knight, so why paint them?

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