onsdag 3 augusti 2016

Close combat knight and Warlord plans

Hi there. Lately I have actually managed to get some hobby time in. Mostly I have been working on the close combat knight and planing the warlord build. The later I have realized will require some serious thinking before I do any more than clean up work, which I have done for all the major parts for the torso, as this will be the first thing that I build as I will also build the interior. As for the knight I have finished all the green stuff work and have broken it down for paint, there are quite a lot of different components that goes into this one. No I will just spray it and start painting.
When it comes to the warlord I am currently playing around with different ideas of how to build the interior and what need to be there. I am planing to a use some of the manufactorium scenery parts for some of the interior, but much will be pasticard and green stuff. I also would like the interior to make some sense as to different parts and their location in relation to things on the outside. As the entrance to the titan is from the back and you need to get to the head there is no way around the fact that you need some sort of path going straight through the titan preventing a large reactor to be placed in the middle. So I am thinking about housing the reactors at the back beneath the cooling vents and ventilation conducts. This would mean that the reactors would be in mostly the same position as in the reaver, which makes kind of sens but breaks with the fluff which states that the reactor is in the center instead of the rear. I will throw things around a bit but there is not much space in the lower part of the torso, there also need to be space for four weapons servitors. Since there will be an interior I will also need to come up with a way to stabilize the side walls where the arms and shoulders are mounted as there will be quite a lot of weight there and the roof will not be there to complete the box as intended. Most likely I will put in some steel rods going across from arm to arm once the interior is in place, I just need to play around with the bits a bit to get a feel for what I can do. Once this is under way will start building the legs which will also be an undertaking as I am planing a scenic base for this one, which of course influences the stance and the legs. One thing I learned from my warhounds is that resin is flexible over time, so even if I can make a cool stance and everything is holding up now, things might start being over time, so I need to make sure that I do not over stress anything with my modifications.
Well that is it for now, but it feels good to finally have started on the warlord, even if there is some time yet until paint time.

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