onsdag 27 juli 2016

Things do not always turn out as you plan

In my last posts I have hinted at a reinforcements for the northern ghosts in the form of a Warlord titan. This has now arrived, but since it was delayed from Forge World and the delays in our house building made the arrival coincided with wall paper work, it resulted in it now time to start with the clean up. Once the wall paper stuff was done we received visitors that stayed for a week and hence still no Warlord work. But it turned out the the guests were really interested in Wh40k, which meant that I got to exercise my models in a number of tutorial battles. We started out with the Dark Vengeance box and played two battles, one ended in a close win for the chaos forces, the other was a total wipe from the imperials. The next day we played a 1000p battle using codexes, Chaos vs Dark Angels/Adepta Sororitas which also ended in an imperial victory.  Sadly it becomes more and more apparent that I have forgotten or mixed up rules from over two decades of playing (due to lack of continuous practise) and I am not so sure that all things were actually according to the correct rules. Anyway, it was great fun and I am reminded why I started playing once upon a time, and it is always nice to see my lovingly painted  models actually dish out some damage.

Our guests became so enthusiastic about the whole thing so they decided to also paint up the Dark vengeance set, but they needed some hints at how to paint, which meant that I got to do my first tutorial in a very long while, painting a mk IV marine in pre-heresy Dark Angels black.

So my Warlord is still sitting in its boxes, waiting for me to get some time of to start with the cleaning and so, but I will get back on that subject as soon as I have some progress.

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  1. Oooh, I love those 'zerkers

  2. Yes, they are some old goodies, must have been painted in 99. To bad the sculpts have not been updated in a while.

  3. Hey mate,

    Great finding your blog again too! I Just went back through a year and a halfs worth of posts and you have been up to some incredible stuff with the knights, heresy dark angels and the mechanicum. Now a freaking Warlord too?! Amazing.

    Your custom work is truly inspirational and I'm really glad to be following you again.