måndag 11 juli 2016

CCW Knigth Green Stuff WIP

Vacation is slowly moving forward, and in between house work, barbecuing and socializing with the family I have been managing to work a bit on the Knights, more specifically on the green stuff. I have been practicing my skull sculpting skills and I think I am making progress. The trick is to get the proportions right and to let go of any misconceptions about what I think it should look like and in stead focus on reference material.

I am also still waiting on my titan from Forge World that has been delayed due to low stocks. As they were kind enough to send me a mail telling me this I also took the opportunity to ask about the possibilities to get hold of the mars beta head, if there were any options rather then fly in or buy from ebay. Sadly these seams to be the only options at the moment. I have been checking what it would cost to visit warhammer world, which is something I would like to do in any case, but that would cost almost as much as the titan for us, so then the only option seams to be ebay, that or I convert the alfa head to look more like the beta. That could be an interesting thing to do, but as the head is the focus of the model it is kind of a big risk if I screw it up. On the other hand it will be a chaos aligned titan so a funky head might not look to strange. Comments or thoughts?

3 kommentarer:

  1. If you can wait, I'll be going near Nottingham in August and could swing by and pick one up for you ?

  2. @Zzzzzz, that would be fantastic if it's not too big a problem. I am in no big hurry as I am expecting this to be a long build and there will be other things to do before the head is needed.

  3. OK, there's an email widget on my profile via Devos IV. You should send me a link and one of us can reserve it for me to pick up later.