torsdag 8 oktober 2020

The embryo of Dreadtober and some test Necrons

As they say, it is that time of year,... again. Dreadtober, and I thought that this year I was going to participate. Omnissiah only knows how much I have on the to do pile, so entering this friendly activity to get a dread, or similar sized model, done from the pile seamed like nice idea. I have several knights, titans, dreadnoughts and robots lying around in the pile so I had to pick something. Over the last couple of years I have received gifts from the missus in the form of Custodes models which she thinks I do pretty well, so in one of my last orders to FW I also squeezed in a Custodes Achillus dreadnought that I thought would go well with these models. It has now been sitting in the pile for some time so I thought this would be the perfect time to bring it out and get it started.

So far it is still in the embryo stage as seen in the photo, but over the coming days it will see the light of day, cleanly scrubbed and prepared for painting.

While waiting for the mold release to dissipate from the dread I got the urge to do some test Necrons. Since I have bought several of the GW boxes that contain Necrons, but not for the sake of the Necrons as such, these models have just be sitting around in the boxes. So I felt that perhaps I should paint them, if not for an army but just to do something different. But what color scheme would I do? In Judge Dread (with Sylvester Stallone) there is a scene with an old combat robot that I really liked as a kid. It is kind of yellow, beat up and rusty and it was actually the inspiration for my Desert Eagles space marines.

As I really liked the rusted metal look I managed to achieve on my Penitent engine so I thought that the Necrons models would perhaps look good in a similar paint scheme. So I quickly build a pair of them (I have lost the assembly instructions so I winged it), sprayed them and set about painting them. A few hours later they were done and I think I got the rusted metal looking pretty good. I added some green glowing sections to the chest, legs and shield that I am not so sure that I like. Over all the models look ok but I am not sure, perhaps it is better to just do the power blades and eyes green and leave the rest as metal.

But these will stay like this for now, since the next project will be the Custodes dread for the Dreadtober challenge.

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  1. Love the Necron scheme! And I too have a Dread at the Yolk Sac Stage ;)

  2. My Imperial Knight has only just been dried off from its first bath :-)