måndag 21 september 2020


The day of days is here...  the legacy interface is gone and I am forced to use the new blogger to make a post. So I apologize in advance if this will look strange. I still have not figured out how to do a lot of the things as easily as I did in the old version and some things are just impossible to do. But then again they might have solved some of the major bugs.

But enough about that. This blog post is about my latest additions to my ultra smurfs, this time in the shape of some suppressors from the Shadowspear box. Sadly they are not individual sculpts which is a shame as there are only three of them. Apart from that I do like them if you cut away the death traps under their feet. Not sure what they are supposed to do? If landing needs these to cushion them a normal marine would also need them if jumping of a wall etc...  and I really can't imagine them moving around with them still under their feet. So off they went. I am also a bit confused about how they are supposed to fly. All other marine jump troops have these beefy engines on their back, but these just appear to have some extra heat exhausts on the back pack and the graves. I suppose that it is some sort of anti-gravity thing to be stealthy. But if one disregard some of more obscure functionality of the model I really like them. The guns look good and the belt-feed looks nice. I was not sure about the small wings in the beginning but I do like them, some how they make the tropes more flyie. 

Color-wise they are painted in my usual take on the smurfs with a dark blue (kantor blue ontop of a white metal base) steel color. Trim is golden and the right shoulder is cream white with a blue ultima. I also added some line trimming and other insignia on the armor using a more light blue color  to give them some contrast but still staying in the blue. The tips of the guns got some heat staining just to keep with the belt-feed. I also dusted up the lower part of the legs a bit to indicate that they actually do trudge around a bit now and then just like the rest of the boys in blue.

The only tricky part with the build was to get the backpacks attached to the flying stands. The point of contact is small and the clear plastic does not melt as well as the normal grey stuff so the bond is weaker (I use polystyreene cement).

All in all am starting to get attached to these blue men. I have not been a great fan of the baby blue standard color but these guys do look like mean.

P.S: Placing the images are a pain in the A with this new interface, the pictures are jumping around all over the place, covering text and escaping their area of containment so that you have to chase them all over the post. It was bad before too, but not this bad. The drag and drop of images is at least back again so I guess it is always something.

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  1. Humm. It doesn't do that thing where you can click on a pict and they appear in a ribbon across the bottom to view in a bigger window. Which is annoying.