lördag 12 september 2020

Penitent Engine

We continue with the additions to my slowly growing collection of Adepta Sororitas. This time it is the Penitent Engine form the Sisters of Battle box. I have never really been a fan of the model, not even the old metallic one as it think it is to front heavy. I also sort of have problem with the lore. I can understand repentia, falgellants etc as these are individuals who are in-principle executed on the battle field. But putting a convict into a battle engine with the purpose of getting them killed is a bit strange. I would guess that you would want the larger damage dealers to survive? But be that as it may. Accepting the concept of strapping some to a close combat machine and sending them into the fray to get killed as a punishment I can not still get around the new VR version of the model. What is the purpose of strapping them to the engine, sending them onto the battle field, with out the ability to influence their own fate, and let them watch something else horrible on TV instead of what is going on around them? If you just wanted to scare them with a horror flick you could just do it at home, in the cellar, and then just cut their throats as the credentials roll...

So, I do not like the new pilots and how they are mounted to the model. The original positions makes the model even more front heavy. So I decided to repose the pilot so that I could mount it further into the casket opening. I bent the arms a bit by just bending the plastic. Then I cut the shoulders back a bit so that I could mount the arms along the sides instead of our in the crucifix form. I swapped the head for one of the seraphim heads without a helmet and sculpted some green stuff across the chest to make the pilot more female.

I decided to paint it as a rusted metal with out paint or other adornments to represent the engine itself being ancient, recovered after each execution, to receive a new occupant. The sister/pilot got the same purple robes that I use on the rest of the army. I tired to get the flames at the top of the model to look good but I can not do these "effects" so that they fit with the rest of my style. But aside from that I am happy with the model. I will most likely not make another one though.

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