tisdag 27 oktober 2020

Dreadtober stretch goals done.

This week I finally got the last part of the stretch goal done for my Deadtober challenge. It was not really that much painting to be done, just some concrete and rusted metal parts that I could add to the bases of my Armiger Hellverinsbefore gluing down some gravel.  I just wanted to break up the large empty parts of the round bases an dgive them some more life. But I think it is important that the base does not overshadow the model and if one makes a large addition to the base, as on the Preceptors base,  that it is interacting with the model in such a way that it adds to the it rather than distract from it. 

I have been working on this detechment of Armigers since they were released some 2? years ago and it feels good to finally have the first parts done. The fact that I had to build the interior for all of them and make the pilots can explain why it has taken me so long. But then again the models are quite large and detailed so they take a few days each to paint. Now I just need to finish another six Armiger Warglaives to fill out this super heavy detachment, which requires quite a lot of modeling too. We will see if they turn up for next years Dreadtober challenge or if it will be something else.

Armor plates were done for the last Hellverin.

All in all this year was fun even if I got carried away and finished my main challenge early. But there is always more models hanging around in their boxes so filling out the time is not a problem.

Bases done.

Now I need to go back to my titans and see if I can get some progress there also. I have restarted the work on Fenrir, which will require much more GS work than I originally thought. I also need to get started on the build process of the internals for Surtr.

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