söndag 18 oktober 2020

Deardtober stretch WIP

After finishing my Dreadtober pledge a bit a head of time I decided to stretch the goal of this month to include my Armiger Hellverins that have been in construction/paint for over two years (if not more). I already had them assembled and painted but one of them were missing the armor plating so I deiced that it was time to get it done so that I can move on to the Warglaives (yeay, another six armigers to build and paint). The paint scheme is the traditional olive green base and blue white markings. It is getting difficult to keep the different patterns I have done apart so I need to be careful not to repeat my self. This time I went with one full half side in checkers. I have also used one of the siege cannons from the Dominus knight to spice things up a bit. I really think GW could have done more with the knights army in terms of weapon options and freedom to equip them. But since I am mostly doing this as a collection, even though I do want it to be as colose to the rules/fluff as possible, the rule of cool sometimes takes precedence. 

So that is the second part of Dreadtober done. Now I just need to finish the six bases. I could go for monotone gravel but I thought I would take the opportunity to add some more structure to them. 

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  1. Oh I really like that. And with it's siblings, like a little pack of miniature jackals off to hang around the bigger predators and bring down the weakened.

    1. I do not know if they would be effective in a game or so but I like the look of them, especially when they are led by their preceptor. Will look even better with the warglaives. All in all they will make up one superheavy detachment.