söndag 5 januari 2020

More sisters...

It is strange, this thing with vacation. Before you go on vacation, you have all these plans of what to do with all that free time. But then the holidays are over and it is time to go back to work and you have not even done more than you would have done any other day. So were does all the time go?

My plans for Christmas were to get a bunch of sisters painted at the same time that I finished of the GS work on my Knight baron as well as wrapped up the last Dominus knight. That and get going on my next Titan, Fenrir. But as the dust settles and things are coming to an end I only have a few models to show of and not much else... and I have no idea of what I did with all that time.

But at least I got somethings done. First of is one of the Archoflagelants from the sisters box as well as a sister repentia. The flagelant is a nice model, inline with the dark and bizarre imperium, the essence of 40k. a bit tricky to paint if done in one assembly but probably doable (I did it in parts, leaving the arms separate). I went for a mid range skin tone with slightly bruised colors around the implants and ports. The little clothing he has was painted to look like brown leather. Not a super advanced job so it did not take to long. This is a mono pose and the first of the doublet in the set so I will see if I try to do something else whit the other one.

Then we have the repentia... and I do not get this model. I sort of understand why it looks like it does but I still do not get it. The old models were a bit on the skimpy side (mostly at the top) and I suppose GW had to tone it down but it could have been done in a better way. Just adding the top and keeping the skirts would have been enough and would have been in line with the rest of the sisters.
The new models look like some female Catachans with a large sword. The tank-top and hot-pants are a break in the aesthetics of the army. There are also some fluff reasons that I think should have been better represented in the model. The whole point of the repentia is that they seek absolution through battle, where they seek to put themselves in a situation were the emperor needs to intervene for them to survive. In this spirit the choice of clothing or paraphernalia should be a hindrance to their capabilities rather then just going into battle without your armor. Because if your point is just to fight until you die you can as well keep the armor on, like the Blood Angels death company, and kill as many enemies as possible before you bite it.
Apart from the design choices the model is ok. I am not sure why they have input ports on their arms and legs as they do not have a black carapace to interface with their power armor, but it looks good and makes for an opportunity to get some break from the skin tones. For the repentia I choose a similar color scheme as for the the flagelant as the repentia is more or less a voluntary flagelant.

Lastly we have two Seraphim. The models look good and are in line with the normal sisters so I can not say much about that. The colors are similar to what I did for the standard sisters. I made the thrusters/wings of the jump pack in the same blue white colors that I use for the weapons but otherwise it is silver and purple robes (though that is hard to see with this lighting). I do like the new jump stands and that they are attached to the jump pack and not the model. There have been some catastrophic designs whit the stand attaching at in appropriate places but this is fine.

Next up are some Custodes...  and perhaps some WIPs of the knights and titan.

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