torsdag 30 januari 2020

A new light rig

As some of you might have noticed I have had some problems with the lighting of my models as I takes photos for this blog. This is some parts due to the facts that a large part of the year there is no natural light in the evenings (after work) when I do most of my hobbying. So for some time I have though about getting a light box or something that will illuminate the models a bit better. I have not be quite sure how to go about it though, one thought that occurred quite early was to use multiple light sources in the form of diode spotlights from shelf lighting to get light from all angles. IKEA has a number of these for affordable prices and I when for two of the "Ledberg" sets that contains four sources each. Once I had eight lamps I just needed to figure out how to hold them in place. I thought about making some stands out of wood, but that limited my ability to position the lights for different models. In the end I stumbled over a soldering frame that is used to hold the cables etc when soldering. I removed the looking glass that came with the set and mounted the light disks in the pincers. Then I pulled out some random models from the cabinet and tried some shoots with my mobile. I think the lighting is better than on the original posts of the models but I still need to learn how to best point the lights to get good pictures (and get the focus right). So it is better but there is still room for improvements, both to the positioning and to the light rig itself, but it is a start at least.

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  1. That rig is a thing of beauty itself, it looks vaguely escher.

    And nice results, too.