onsdag 18 december 2019

Plastic Sisters

Finally it happened, the plastic sisters are here. After two decades they are here. Well almost, the starter army set is, or should I say was here. It sold out very quickly and now we are waiting for the proper release in 2020.

I must say I have not been a sisters player, nor collector to any degree. I actually only own one squad of five sister were two are painted, the red sister is painted by me just after the initial release in 97. My wife does however own a substantial amount of metal sisters, bought and painted some ten years after my initial purchase (silver metal sister). As some of you might remember she got Celestine for here birthday some time ago which I painted in the colors of her custom order. She is no longer an active player or collector/painter but she has still been interested in the sisters range. So I have followed the development and the last years sneak peaks to see if I could entice her to get back in the game. But to no avail.

Well, I must say that the level of detail on the new plastic versions are astounding and the rank and file look pretty darn good. So I thought that if the wife does not get them then perhaps I will get at least some to have as a nice side project. So I thought the starter box would be a nice limited project, but as I heard that it had sold out so I sort of gave up on the thought.

But then I needed some more Agrax earth shade and headed to the local hobby hole. Well there I asked about the sisters box and they said it had come and gone quickly,...   but they had managed to order some online and they would be inbound with in the week, so I asked if it was possible to reserve one, and it was. So now I have a box of plastic sisters.

But enough about that, over to the models. The models are incredibly detailed and even the easy to build monopose models in this box comes in several parts that can be quite fiddly to assemble. This is not an army I would recommend as a starter for anyone not used to model building. The size creep is very noticeable and these ladies are not that much shorter than Primaris Marines. I had hoped that they would be more human to better emphasize the size of space marines in relation to normal humans. But I guess that this had to be to get all the details in. They are also more anatomically proportioned than the old metals. As for colors I decided to paint them in a similar way that I did Celestine and have the same color scheme as the wifey's army. The base is a polished white metal and purple robes with white casing on the bolter. The corset, gloves and bags are painted as brown leather with the metal studs picked out. Grenades etc are painted a military olive green. For charters and officers I am thinking of using different palettes to set them apart, a little bit as the sisters of silence are described in some of the novels.

All in all I do not think I will do a  full army, but some of the character models might find their way onto my to do shelf.

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  1. There's bound to be a way to fit in one or two (or maybe more) to fit in with the Varangian theme....

    Surely you can find room/time in between those fabulous meals ?

  2. I think that the sisters would have some problems with Varangians alignment towards chaos. However, I think they can hang out with my Custodes and Ultramrines. And I try to squeeze some hobby time in-between the meals, even if cooking is also sort of an hobby.