söndag 8 december 2019

Lady Oxidia in Entropy

Finished my night Preceptor, the Lady Oxidia in Entropy. Last post had her mostly done but now I finished up some of the details as well as the Lady herself and her abode. I am really happy with how she turned out and I am looking forward to finishing up the Armigers to complete the super heavy detachment.

Lore-wise she is kind of an oddball among the Northern Knights. She is not a native of their home world but a former free blade. She grew up on the planet of Randoryn Alpha as the third daughter to a minor noble, distantly related to the ruling house Cerberan. As a youth she was sent of to train as an Armiger pilot under her uncle who was acting Preceptor. However, this uncles was not a very noble man and he abused his charges, especially the females. One night he was heavily into his Amasec and tried to take advantage of Oxidia. She would not have it and promptly slit his throat. Realizing that it would not go well for her if she was found she quickly hid the body and stole his battle gear. Rallying the rest of the pilots in training who bore no love for the old drunkard she managed to steal his Knight and set of for some friend she know in the vicinity. Once safe away from the train grounds and hidden in her friends barn she set about stripping the paint of the knight to make it less recognizable. Then she got on the first barge of world and set out among the stars as a free blade. During her long career she made her self a reputation as a strong willed knight that did not take orders well. After a series of incidents she ended up in a position where she could no longer find anyone willing to hire her. So she washed up on the home world of the Northern Knights were she managed to get a job training new armiger pilots. She still has problems with orders and she prefers to train female pilots as she never really got over her childhood experiences. Her knight suit, Entropy, was never repainted after she first stole it and it has acquired a patina of rust over the years. She has only painted her right shoulder and left grave in the forest green of the Northern Knights to show her allegiance but in all else has left the metal to bear witness to her life. When the Northern Knights fell  she followed them into damnation without a second thought. Her bitterness over how the empire and it nobles had treated her making her easy pray for the dark whispers in the halls beneath the keep.

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