lördag 1 oktober 2011

What happened?

I recently discovered something strange. After having had the warhound assembled over the summer I had to open the back carapace the other day and realized that the insides had taken on a wet shine. It almost locks like I gave it a coat of clear hard coat but I didn't. So what happened. In the picture to the left you can see the inside of the back carapace, it was sprayed with a mate black base paint and has not been touched since, but you can clearly see a line dividing the front form the back. This line matches the contour of the warhound body. In the other picture I compare the newly painted firewall to thew reactor room in Wolfish Perversion with the one that has been mounted in Unbearable Desire, and it is a clear difference in color. Admittedly some difference in coloration can be expected as since I might not have exactly mixed it the same way, but the surface texture is completely different. The newly drybruched surface is slightly rough and looks dry, like stone while the one out of Unbearable Desire is smooth and slightly oily and has a wet look. This can be seen on all the interior parts of the titan while the outsides look like the newly painted surfaces. I have no idea why this has happened but my guess would be that during summer and the temperature has gotten the resin sweating and that on the interior parts the oils released form the resin got stuck while they evaporated away on the out side, but I don't know. There might be something more sinister going on, the descent into chaos is under way.

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