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Dark Angels from the past part 2

According to the statistics of this blog the "Dark angels of the past" is one of the most popular post we have on this blog. It is constantly in the top even if its quite some time since it was published. So here is a follow up.This time I am presenting my  Death Wing army. This is actually the part of the Dark Angels that got me going in the 90th. I was at that time a dedicated Space Wolf player and my army was expanding.

Partially due to their Nordic culture fluff and partly because it was the only space marine army with dedicated figures. So when the Death Wing terminators where released I just had to by a set of them. At the time we where on a holiday car trip around the UK and I just had to visit every GW store we came across. During tis time I also bought all the fluff I could get my hands on, Wh 40K compendium, 40K compilation, 40K "vehicles" etc...

So as soon as I got back home I started out to plan the painting of the Death Wing as a liaison to my Space Wolves. Fluffwise this was a bit on a stretch as the Dark Angels and Space Wolves do not get along so well. At the time the Death Wing was mostly known from the space hulk game expansion Death Wing.

 As the new terminator set was introduced they where presented as bone white which I found was in contradiction to the fluff background found in the Death Wing expansion. In the original fluff a squad of Death Wing space marines in their original black canopy returns to their home world which is based on a native american back ground. As they find their home world usurpered  by a genestearler cult they realise that they probably will not survive the cleansing of the planet so they prepare them self in their cultural way for death by calking their bodies white with lime. Well aplying a was of white lime over a black armor will not give you a bone white look so I choose to paint them bone white, ink them black and then dry brush them back to white using bleached bone and bone white giving them a withe washed look.

Well as I got the first squad painted I realized that they looked better than my Wolf guard counterparts and as time went I slowly brought the wolf guards over to the Death Wing, creating this army. In its time it was a complete 2k army, now I don't know if it would muster up to that amount. As my Dark Angel army grow I also started out with the the inner Circle of the Dark Angels, painting Aszrael, Ezeikiel, Asmodai ets a also decided to paint some green terminators with robes similar to the inner circle models. At this time no terminators where available in robes so I had to sculpt them using miliput. Well the army is almost finished and I am thinking about painting up the last elements once the Titans are done. I will come back and present the rest of my Dark angels in another blog post, so until later then.

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