onsdag 19 oktober 2011

Note to self

"When starting a big project, like painting up three Forge World titans, check that the paints you are going to use are still in stock, or that you are absolutely sure that the amount of paint you have will be enough for the whole project!"

I am not sure, but I think most of the paints that I use in this project are no longer sold, so I am reduced to scavenging paint from "find boxes" or depending on the charity of the local hobby center that has kindly provided me with some of the out of stock paint jars form their hobby corner.

Apart form worrying about the amount of paints left the project is rapidly moving forward, painting armor goes quite fast and as that is what is mostly left I can now count the total of unpainted pieces on my fingers, and not using to many on the left hand at that.

Then of course I can go pack and add details and free hand to the titans later, but soon they will be covered in paint and all the major details will be done. So all in all I am looking at about a one year total time for this project.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Well worth a year though, it is easily the greatest Titan I have ever seen.

  2. Thanks, I am quite happy with them, and it has been a great year as this project really has gotten me back in the saddle so too speak. Hope fully I can keep the painting up after I am finished with these guys, just have to find another interesting project to start.