söndag 16 oktober 2011

Reaver work and green stuff

In the last titan post I realized that I was running out of thing to paint as the titans are getting close to completion. It is only the armor plates left to do. So I decided that I would start to clean up the Reaver and second warhound weapons so that I would have some more things to paint. However, some of the parts needs a lot of green stuff to get them to match up with the rest of the Titan panel work. At least two of the weapons are also pure imperial versions and will need some chaosification. I started out with the weapons already modeled as chaos and began adding the same patterns that I have used on the other panels. I then realized that these are the last emblems that I make on these titans so I added several of them together to make more complex designs. These designs where put on the power fist and on the back mounted missile launcher.

 But then I stated thinking about the shoulder plates that I had already made some work on. The undersides are quite barren, which is in contrast to the rest of the titan. After some thinking I decided to ad the cog wheel design to the under side. I do not know if I am satisfied with them. But they are on the under side so they will only be visible if you look for them. They might look better with some paint.

But is has not been only green stuff. I have also painted the reactor covers on the reaver and the upper part of the arm holding the power fist. Here I put the legion insignia and the titan serial number on the "biceps". It turned out nice so I think I will do the same on the other titans, i.e. not put things on the biceps but combine the the legion and the serial. So now I will paint up the power fist, the back armor and the shoulder plates, then the reaver will be mostly done. As I have the option to change weapons I have decided not to attache the power cables to the weapons. On the guns this is ok as the ports are not to eye catching. But on the power fist the cables are attached to the elbow armor and either it was to file them away or do some thing else. I chose the later and attached the cables as on the original, but instead of having them go up to the titan I bent them so that they attach to the shoulder instead.
Then I only have to paint the outside of the upper body of the second warhound with its back armor and it will be done so far as the titan. I will still have to paint up the weapon as well as green stuff two of them. So I am not there yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am fairly confident that I can have them done before Christmas if I can keep up the pace. So now I will go back to the hobby lair. 

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