söndag 26 november 2023

The crusader bases

This week was spent finish up the two War dogs and the bases for the trio. As the knights are mostly rusted iron and bone I decided to stay away for these colours as much as possible for the bases so that they do not meld with the Knights. Instead I went for a blue-grey chipped paint with some rust. This was a perfect opportunity to try out some new colour schemes and techniques. 

All three bases are quite distinct in their composition so I used the same palette to tie them together. The blue was done with a light blue gey washed with a watered down darker blue grey. Once dry I drybrused things up to white over a four different shades of grey. Then it was sponge shipping and hand painted rust (i.e brown and orange). To get some differentiation I also added some of the rusted metals that I used on the Knights were appropriate, such as the tracks, antennas and doors. Once done I added my usual gravel to the bases... so they will at least be similar to my other models in that respect. I will have to go back and add some more gravel to some strategic points later on as  I think some areas are to smooth. Overall I think I spent more time painting the bases than the War dogs... but it was nice. 

As I do not play much these days I do not really have a use for scenery but these bases gave me some opportunity to try some out. I do have some other old models (from the time when I though bases were just a distraction from the model) that are just sitting on bare plastic bases, so I might start a new project to base these, also with scenic bases.

Next step will be to mount the War dogs on the bases and decide if I am going dual wield of if I will give both one of each weapon. The Crusader will also be dual wielding Gatlings (with shoulder Gatlings) so I do not know which way symmetry will be best.

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