tisdag 14 november 2023

Flight wing update

This week has mainly been about tweaking the build for the fighter bomber. Basically it looks more or less the same as most of the changes were structural. I added some extra jet nozzles to the bottom and rear of the craft to give the body some more bulk. This meant that I needed to move the main engine pods slightly outward. I also added some weapon rails to the wings so that I can switch the weapon load (right now only a assault cannon is test mounted). At the front I went for the storm cannon from the hawk build. I think it fits but looks different enough from the assault cannon used on the storm talon. 

I also continued to work on the intakes for the fighter, as well as started on the avenger cannon.

As I have been on a building spree these last few week I also decided that I needed something to paint so I finished up the build of two wardogs and their bases. I will be back with some more updates on these later.

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  1. Jag uppskattar passionen och entusiasmen som framgår av ditt skrivande. Bra jobbat!