tisdag 5 september 2023

Angron the not so red

So when I said I did not really do that much over summer I did not mention the long running side project I actually did do as ut was a very on and off thing over several month. Once the model was released I acquired Angron. I love the model. It really has a menacing look, with the slightly hunched over pose. First I was a bit disappointed that he did not dual wield axes, but I eventually got over it and now I sort of like the hooked sword he is sporting. I still think it would have been nice to include the option of another axe though.

When it came to choosing a pint scheme I went for a slightly non conventional look. Normally, as on the box art, Angron is portrayed as a red demon. But I thought it was to close to the blood thirster look and wanted him to stand out. As he is originally of "human" stock I decided to give him a pale skin, and give him some red block tattoos instead of totally red skin. I also decided to give the skin an unhealthy pallor with visible blue red veins. I am really happy with how it turned out and it is really sad to cover it all up with the armour. I also really like the ports for the armour in the mussels. It is almost that I would have liked to have two models. Sadly it is not possible to have the chest and shoulder armour removable as the cables from the back tie into the chest piece.

I made the armour itself in bronze with a heavy degree of Verdigris, which had the unplanned effect of giving him a blueish tone, which ties in nicely with the white and blue staps at the loin and shoulder. Very much a homage to the world eater colour scheme. The axe and the sword were made to look old and worn with rust and Verdigris. 

The scenic base of the model was raised from the oval base by adding two layers of clip of from the sprues. The void was filled with some carpentry filler and I added a tonne of extras skulls from the skull box.

It was a nice build but I do not understand how anyone manages to paint it fully built. It is very dificult to handel once assembled. And once again I am reminded of how much I do not like to paint the wings of these demon models.

Lets see what the next model will be. It is almost October so I have to figure out what I will do for Dreadtober. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Outstanding work! I love the skin tone and the red tattoos!

  2. A much more 'ossiary' rather than 'sanguine' effect using that old world eaters colour scheme. I very much like it and it certainly makes him stand out from all of the red Angron's out there.