söndag 27 augusti 2023

Ghost walk

Once again it has been some time since my last update. It was not intentional but it just happened as the summer vacation did not turn out as I had planed it. Idea was to work in the garden during days and on Opus in the evenings. But the weather gods did not agree, so instead of working in the garden (due to rain) I got stuck in the lounge set under awning reading Gaunt's Ghosts (all the omnibuses). That meant I have not much to show in terms of hobby results.

I did however manage a photo shoot with the ghosts before the weather turned bad. I needed to add a holding pin in the waist of Varangian, to stop any similar mishaps that I had with Fenrir, and to get to Varangian I needed to remove the rest of the titans from the display. And as I were working on paving the driveway and had a nice pile of gravel that would make for a nice backdrop I decided to make a thing of it. It really is difficult to get all the models in one shot without getting the house or any other thing in the shot as well.

I also took some pictures of the Northern Knights as well...



Joluns Modh

Ylgjar Ergir


King in the north

The Ronin

The Quarterbacks

The Younglings

We Walk

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  1. My first is question which randomly sprang to my mind, re-reading all of the Gaunt's Ghosts omnibus' seems like a great idea: but are you reading them in Swedish or English ? It doesn't matter, but that was the first thought I had.

    My second is that this is great post, the happy gavel background has given us some lovely pcitures of your creations. They re all good, but 'the walk' is fantastic. tak !

    1. I read them in English, as with most books I read. I am not even sure they have translated them into Swedish.