söndag 9 oktober 2022

Dreadtober Thanatar WIP 3

This weekend I finished the green armour and started with the markings. I use masking tejp not only to mark lines etc but also to create areas where the paint have peeled of. This can be used on large areas or just as small infringements in otherwise hole areas. Once masked I drybrush on a bone white colour. Then I use bronze to paint in chevrons, checkers ets going all the way up onto the tejp. Then I fill in the appropriate areas with blue and drybrush each filed in three stages. Once dry I remove the tejp which then literally crates a border where there is an edge between the chevrons and the underlying green base.

I also decided to do some free hand bone workings on the "head" to tie it in with the rest of my mechanicum forces and titans. But since the head is much larger than on the other automata models I decided to add a proper face to the model, however it turned out to cartoonish in my opinion so I toned it down by removing the mouth and nose part, just keeping the "eyes".

In parallell to this I also started the base painting in the arms and plasma mortar. Here I am just following the same recipe as described in the previous past so I will not repeat the description.

Once I hade all the chevrons and checkers done I sponge chipped the model. I use black and dark brown for this as it creates more dynamic chipping with new and older damage (that has started to rust). This is followed by a gentle dry brush of bolt gun metal on the edges where the shipping marks are. Then I go over the model with an orange ink, adding an orange tone to areas that have rusted, i.e. around the sponge chipping and in corners and angels in the armour.

Once all this was done I assembled the legs, making sure that they fit to the anchoring holes in the base. It turned out that the ankel shields on the feet needed to come of and get re-glued to get the pose right.

That is about as far I got over the weekend. During the coming week I hope to get the arms and weapons done, at least up to the stage where I can start with the weathering process. I will also need to go back and paint in some details. Then I will have to start working on the base. 

Initially I thought that I would have a lot of time for this model but I am starting to think it might be a bit tight to get everything done to the proper level.

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  1. Great progress! I like the face - and I agree, with the mouth and nose, it looked a bit too much like it came from the Nighmare before Christmas. But with only the eyes left, it makes for a really menacing look!