måndag 24 oktober 2022

Dreadtober bonus, Dominus arms WIP 1

After finishing my Dreadtober pledge I decided that I would try to finish the arms for my Dominus knight. This has been something that I have been working on for some time but never really gotten around to doing properly. In my first iteration I hade the idea of using the mauler fiend housings as a base and sculpting on some skulle work. However, non of my Knights really have that aesthetics and it would only be the arms for the Dominus so it never really fit in. So I decided to start over and give the arms a more traditional look with a square housing and some front shields.

The housing and shields are made of plasticard, where the shields are made up of layers so that I can bend and shape them. Once I got the basic shape done I made some borders where I pressed in rivets with a sculpting tool, a new technique that I am trying to master. I am not really sure of the barrel cover as it feels like it is becoming to front heavy. I might need to add something over the rear to balance it. Once I am happy with all the pieces I will file them to the final shape and add green stuff to them. 

I am now pretty sure that I will not make it with these arms in the remaining October week as there are quite a few elements that need to cure over night but I will try to at least get them built and ready for paint even if the actual painting will have to wait. Well, that is my bonus project for this year...

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  1. That's an amazing pose on the knight! I think I've never seen one posed such. The stride gives him so much momentum!
    Really impresive work with the plastic card as well.