söndag 16 oktober 2022

Dreadtober Thanatar done

This weekend I managed to finish of the base and mount the Thanatar in its final position. I did the base as an experiment for an idea that I have had for some time about what to do for my Warbringer Surtr. All in all I am quite happy with how it turned out, but I think I will have to be a bit careful with these large interactive bases in the future as it is easy that they become to dominant and that the display case might look very strange with to many of them.

The colour scheme for the base is kept simple with some elements reflecting the colours of the Thanatar, as the rusted metals. The walls where done in grey with bronze statues that where toned down with Verdigris. The top of the windows where dry brushed black to represent the burning of the building before it collapsed. The edges of the base is covered with gravel, but to ensure that I did not get any patches with the base black I painted these areas in a brown yellow before adding the gravel.

It was a fun project and I think I managed to pull it of to a standard that was worth waiting 7 years for. I think I have probably spent 15 hours or so painting this model. Hope you all enjoyed the process.

The rest of Dreadtober I will spend on trying to finish the arm weapons for my Dominus knight that has also been a multi year undertaking. I am however not sure I will manage to get them done as I just decided to restart part of them and that means a lot of building before I can start painting, hence I do not dare to pledge these to the challenge, but with some luck I might finish this model.

I also took a shot with my previous Dreadtober builds.

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  1. Lovely work! I really like the fine sand / dust you use on your bases.

    1. Thanks. I started using sand on the bases as a quick way of not having to do bases as I though it distracted to much from the model. Now I am starting to appreciate a base that interact with the model a bit more, but I still use sand as a filler.

  2. Lovely work.
    I'm working on one of these beast's for a friend and I may copy some of the markings you've used on yours.