måndag 8 augusti 2022

Div WIP, Dominus and Opus

I still have not found my mojo and so I struggle to make any progress with my Dominus knight. So far I have only managed to paint the out side of the the chest and started the legs, but it is mostly routine jobs and have not captured my enthusiasm for the model. Hope fully I will start to get something going once I get to the armour panels.

To combat my lack of hobby mojo I have tried to restart the Opus Magna build which has been sitting around for a very long time. There are a number of smaller project here, ranging from assembling standard GW kit parts to pure scratch builds, that I just need to move forward and there really is no pressure of finishing anything at this stage. So one of the things that has stalled is the Island build. Some time ago I started this by adding external floors to a GW bunker to act as the main control centre areas. Now I have added the windows and some other parts and sealed it up. Just need to go back and fill in some gaps etc with more plasticard and greens stuff. On the top I also built an observation platform that is sitting on a small tower, abit like what can be found on some WWI and WWII battle ships. And to keep with the whole 40k stuff I added two gun turrets to the top of the Island. One on the roof of the main building and one on top of the observation platform. These turrets are based on the baneblade turrets but has been widened to hold more barrels. One is a short barrelled version with three Leam russ battle cannons and the other will use two longer barrel versions from the baneblade. The observation platform will also get an extension at the back to hold a communication/radar disc. There will also be seats for some Icaros defence lasers and other AA weapons.

The size of the Island has however shown that I need to fill in the gaps in the crenulations of the landing platforms that make up the sides of the flight deck to give it a bit more width to balance the Island.

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