måndag 18 juli 2022

Dominus Knight WIP, internals

Now, this hiatus was a bit longer than I thought it would be. A combination of work and lack of mojo has kept me from the hobby room for close to two months. But now I have vacation and I thought I'd make a try to get some things done. The first thing is to get my last Dominus Knight finished. This is a build that I stated many years ago as an attempt to make the original kit a bit more stylish. I do not know if I managed that but at least it is now ready for paint and once done will complete my first Knight banner.

Since the body box is lager than the questoris version I decided to make a dual pilot set up for the internals. The two pilots are stacked on top of each other with the top being the pilot and the bottom being the weapons/ tactical officer. 

I made some large pict screens for the bottom pilot for a good tactical overview. The top pilot has most of his screens mounted to the top carapace and are not seen here. The compressor fans are the same as I have used on the other knights to keep the look coherent. Now I just need to glue the front of the box into place sealing the bottom pilot in place, it can't be easily seen then, but I can at least paint the rest without worrying about matching the colours.

I still need to finish the weapons and base but with the pace I am keeping now I guess they will be doen about when the rest of the Knight is painted.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Excellant work. Loving the layout and thought process.

    1. Thanks. I always thought that GW should have made the different chassis more differentiated. Hence my Dominus Knights are more backfield heavy weapons platforms in comparison to the versatile midfield Questoris or the forward, agile and fast armigers.