söndag 28 augusti 2022

WIP, Dominus knight and Opus Magna

I thought that I would blog a bit last weekend but somehow that did not happen, so once again it has been some time since the last update. But I have not been completely idle in this time. On the painting front I am chipping away at my Dominus Knight. The upper body and the legs have been finished and I have started on the armour plating for the legs and torso. The paint scheme is the same as on all my knight so there is not much to say about it. But the top carapace, that has been heavily modified from the original, is now starting to look its part. Before it was a bit hard to judge how it would fit with the model since there was so much plasticard and green stuff on it that it was very obvious that it had been modified. Now that it got some paint is starting to blend in and I think it looks quite in line with the aesthetics of the questoris knights.

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Once the armour is done I really need to get cracking with finishing of the weapons and the base so that I can close this book, and my first super heavy knight detachment. After that there is just another five ghost pattern war glaives to to to finish of the second super heavy detachment. 

On the building side I managed to finish of the basic shape of the two gun turrets for the opus magna island. So far it is just the basics that has been assembled and I need to go back with green stuff and plasticard to finish them of, as well as mounting the cupolas etc from the original kit. Initially I had thought to have the long barrelled turret on the top, but once built I realised that the island got better balance with the longer barrels at the bottom and the shorter at the top. In this way the island maintain a staggered look instead of just being a box. I also added a wedge to the back of the observation deck to hold the radar disc. All in all I am very happy with the over all look. Now I just need to add some platforms for the anti-air batteries that will also go onto the island, five icaros lascannons and a quad auto gun (if I remember my inventory correctly).

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On the outside of the island I also added som of the tower parts from the communication tower set and some other industrial parts from other GW sets to make a smoke stack and give the iland an industrial quarter. I still have some ventilation fans etc to add to the flat panels.

Once I get all the major components in place I need to go over the whole thing and close up all the gaps with GS and Plasticard.

Well that is all I have for now. I hope that one fall gets here and I there is less things I can do outside I will retreat into the hobby room and make some progress on these projects. I am so curious about how the Opus Magna will look with some paint on so that all the platicard, GS and original parts gets the same color, but that is still some way of, but perhaps not another nine years...

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