lördag 10 april 2021

Rat Raiders

This week I finished my Rat Raiders, i.e. the motorcycle squad of my Desert Rats. They are based on the genstealer cult Atalan Jackals. The conversions are pretty straight forward as the original models could as well have been imperial guard. I removed all the iconography of the cult, swapped out the heads and weapon arm. I went with ranged weapons from the tempestus scion frame to distance them from the original models and keep with the ascetics of the scions. First I though about swapping both arms to the scion arms, cutting the one holding the handlebar of at the wrist. But I realized the it would be to hard to make any of the arms from the scion kit to match up properly and meet the body in the right way. So I left the original arm in place, but added a shoulder from the scion frame to make it more inline with the rest of the scions. I also added a lasgun to the back of the raiders to further tie them in with the rest of the models. Colour wise I went with the same scheme as with the rest. Slightly tan trousers and a beige armour. I like how they came out.

Sergeant Dane Tiller

Corporal Ernst Helveg

Corporal James Tubon

Corporal Tim Johnsson

Now I need to finish the 4 wheeler and the squad is complete.

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  1. Very good, I think you've certainly distanced them from the donor kits.

    And super work on the Fenrir armour.