fredag 23 april 2021

Rat Raider ATV

It took longer than expected to finish the ATV for my Rat Raider bike squadron. Over all I think it is a fantastic model with at lot of realistic details. It is easy to paint in sub assemblies and with minor conversions it can be re-converted to an Imperial vehicle. Talking about that... it is sad that it is the Genstealer cults that have the best looking vehicles (because they are such a small army and hence will have a limited number of units). No silly track units or archaic 1915 tech. Just straight modern military stuff... (but with a mining vibe that luckily is easy to get rid of. I whish the Imperial army would get an overhaul and make them more 21st century rather than 20th century...

But that being what it is I think the mix of the GC and Scion stuff mix ok. Now I am curios how the dune raider will look and if I can get the taurus to fit in.

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