måndag 17 augusti 2020

The Triumph of Saint Katherine

This vacation has really not been about hobby time. Instead all my time has been spent digging in the garden and barbecuing. So that means I do not have that much to show, as I really have not done anything new. But I will show you the assembled Triumph of Saint Katherine. All parts have been shown individually but here they are all together.

This is my fist "diorama-type" model from GW that I paint and I must say as a collector that I really like these types of models, so I will have to get me some more. All in all it was a nice model to paint and I was easy to do it in parts and then assemble it all at the end. Compared to the box art I have used a darker palette with less white and a deeper crimson. That combined with the bird of prey wings on the cherubs make it a bit darker. I am happy with the result. Next up for the sisters will be a penitent engine...  just need to finish it up with some green stuff.

I have also finished of two more Armigers for the Northern Knights... but that will be a separate post as I need to spread out my results until I can pick up the pace again.

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