söndag 23 augusti 2020

Abaddon WIP

This week I finally got some hobby time. I tried to work a bit on my Dominus knight but I was not in the mode for GS so it sort of stalled out. Instead I started work on Abaddon. I have had the model for some time now but have not been feeling the inspiration to paint him. But after finish the Triumph of Saint Katerine and the black green armor there I felt that it might try it on a larger scale.

I build the model as standard, only adding some extra skulls to the front of the base. Then I set about painting the armor. I did my standard recipe for metallic armor starting a black base coat, and dry-brushing bronze and three layers of silver metal. Then I washed the model in green ink and repeated the dry-brush befor a final wash of black. I also opted to paint the underlying parts as rusted as I thought that Abaddon eats, sleeps and make war in his armor and hence the inner parts would not get cleaned very often... and it looked great...  but it did not read Abaddon, just some rusted guy with black/green armor plates...   I took some test photos just to see what it look like and realized the the metallic plates look almost silver... so in the end I had something more like Perturabo than Abaddon. And even if the model had turned out ok I decided to lose the rust underneath and darken the plates significantly.

Now I just need to finish of all the small details and the cloak. But I think he is coming along even if a lot of the initial work is no longer visible.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Interesting and encouraging to hear that you start and change your mind...

    I might try Abaddon myself.

    1. It depends on the model... sometimes I let it be what it is even if I am not happy. It will be better next time. But, as in this case, when it has a very well known profile and my initial version deviates to much from that I will try to correct it, but I almost never restart completely and I never strip. If the worst happens and it becomes a write off I will just buy a new model.