söndag 12 april 2020

The Easter Executioner

It happened again... ,the Easter bunny (the Wify) delivered an Easter egg... and mixed in with the candy was the small plastic parts of a Master of Executions (don't try this with small kids). So after carefully going through the candy and picking out the parts I set to work (after finishing the candy).

The model is really cool with the long robe and the inlaid bone parts. I decided to just paint it as is with out any modifications. For the armor I went with my crimson metallic that I have on the Raptors and the Dark Apostle. I really like how this color looks from a bit of, but up close it could have some more depth. I will have to work on it. The robes were painted in my customary brown leather look. The bone parts were originally left in white metallic after the base painting of the armor. I though it looked rather good with them as "sculpted" metal pieces I was not sure if that was the look I was going for and after consulting with the Wife I decided to go for a more classic bone color. The executioner ax got the power blade treatment that I have used for my dark angels, custodes and raptors, i.e. a dark (black) blade with a distinct colored glow, in this case a purple. The painting process was quite straight forward as I could do it with the body fully assembled, only leaving the had and the backpack separate.

All in all it was a nice model to paint, especially as it was a surprise present. It also kept me from going out into the garden working, which I should not do as I have a sore through and a minor head ache. Normally this would not have stooped me but in these times it is better to be safe than sorry.

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