måndag 27 april 2020

Adapter plug for Warlord shoulder weapons on a Reavers.

When I decided to make Fenrir with three laser balsters, two on the arms and one on the back I knew I needed to sort the mounting of the weapon to the back as the seats for the Reaver carapace weapons are not the same as the Warlord shoulder weapons. In principle it is just a small adapter that is needed as the weapons have largely the same mounting footprint. I have been going a bit back and forth on how to do this from carving it out of wood to building it from palsticard or 3D printing. In the end I decided that it would be much easier just to print it and it would probably give the best fit and stability.

As some of my longtime readers might remember, I was playing around with 3D printing some time back when I had access to a borrowed printer. I have been thinking about getting my self my own printer but have felt that that might take to much away from the hobby. Luckily I still have friends that have 3D printers so I did a quick CAD model of what I thought the plug should look like and called in a favor. A week or two later it has arrived. So I tried it on Fenrir and it worked as a charm directly, almost to well for a first try. Then I thought, lets try it with Joluns Modh and Varangians weapons, in this way I can see how it look painted before I finish Fenrir. But then I realized I had made a mistake with Varangians weapon-mounts that I for some reason did not fix at the time. I had glued on a metal washer on top of the mounting peg, making it to long for the mounting holes in the shoulders. Instead of removing the metal disk I had decided to just use green stuff and fill it out so that it could fit any way. This modification did however mean that I could not mount them with the plug as it was made tighter then the shoulder seats. To make a long story short I had to sort this first. Once I had pealed back the GS and slowly carved away the epoxy (probably why I did not remove them directly) I had used I could do some test fittings.

In the end I sort of like the look, The Warlord laser blaster is massive and look a bit to big on Joluns Modh at this angel. But with similar weapon arms I think it will look rather good. Also Fenrirs longer head will help matching the sizes (I hope). Any way, I am happy with how well it turned out. I do however not think the missile launcher looks that good. But some of the other shoulder weapons that exist for AT should look really good on there.

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