lördag 18 april 2020

Fenrir head WIP

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on Fenrir's head. A build that was supposed to be a quick more or less standard Reaver build has turned into a sculpting nightmare. My initial idea was to put most effort into the armor plating and some nice chaos effects. But then I thought, wait a minute, the chaos Reaver has these chaos weby growth on the insides, so lets make some on the super structure beneath the armor, it will make it more chaosy. Well that escalated quite quickly as can be seen on the underside of the head. Now I am working on the knees, shoulders and wrists to make the same effect.. and sadly to the same amount so that it fits. This will take time and slow the build.

The webs are made out of two to five layers of green stuff sculpted one layer at a time at one location. I have learned not to work on multiple locations with GS as it is to easy to ruin what has been done with a  finger. I think the webs give the titan a more organic look, and I will try to paint them to look like inflamed skin and sinews...

The crew also got a bad spell of things growing in and out of them. First I was keen on keeping as much of the detail of the original models as much as possible since they are beautifully sculpted. But that did not give them enough chaos look so I added a few more layers...

I have stated with the painting and will hope fully have something to show soon.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Of course all that work still allows the lid to fit (?)

    Loving the work regardless.

    1. Yes, the cowl still fit and most of the sculpting is visible.