söndag 29 mars 2020

Saint Lucia and Fenrir WIP

This week I decided to get some painting done apart from working on my titans. So this time it was Saint Lucia that came under the brush. This is a quite "simple" model as it is mostly black robes and more black robes and not to much details. The largest piece standing out form the model it the  hart in the standard. I tried to give it a deep black to read luster and I am pretty happy with the ho wit turned out.

When it comes to my titans I am starting to wounder what is wrong with me. First I bought a Warbringer because it was a new model and I thought that it would be nice to build one. Then I realized that it has no intenals... and as ALL my titans and knights has one I would need to build one...  and considering how long it took me to get Varangians internals done I came up with the idea of buying a Reaver and just give it one of the laser blasters I had leftover from Varangian, it would be a straight forward build with an easy weapon swap...

... but then I got carried away with my ideas for the titan, which include a tone of green stuff work, much more than I would have to do for the internal of the Warbringer... so now I am stuck with a tone of work to do before I can start painting... so does it mean I should buy another titan just to get some painting done?

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  1. You should only buy another titan if you can justify the costs. They are not cheap.

    You can buy the weapons separately. If the website will not let do that from Sweden, then message me via fb....

    obtw, that staff is fantastic.

    And just wanting to build a titan's insides for completeness ? Yes, that is an act of madness. but also brilliance and dedication.

    1. Thanks... I might have to finish what I have, which is quite a bit considering the knights and all, so I will have to restrain myself.

      I am starting to like the sisters... just have to stop myself buying more before the starter box is done.

      So much fantastic models to paint and so little time to do it...

  2. Yes. My rules of acquisition are that a purchase is only permitted to allow a project to be finished.

    Of course it doesn't always survive contact with the new and shiney things out there. But it helps.