söndag 9 oktober 2016

Unexpected developments

Well, I have been thinking about sculpting vs CAD + 3D printing lately, as I do not feel that the things I sculpt is not really sharp enough. So the other day a friend of mine said that I could borrow his 3D printer as he was not going to use it for a month or so, which means I get to play around with it a bit. So I decided that since I already have built the interior to the knights I might as well take these pieces, measure them and put them into CAD. A few hours later I have some sort of preliminary rendering, now I just need to test print them and see how it looks and also how it fits into the knight. I will get back with the results. And if it turnes out to work, I will just have to design the rest of the pieces that I have now sculpted for the knights and I will have a means to rapidly turn out knight interiors. In this case I should also probably by some of the FW pilots and make sure that they fit in the throne.

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