måndag 31 oktober 2016

Custodes and Sister of silence

I just picked up the Burning of Prospero box and just had to build and paint a Custodes and Sister of silence. These are insanely detailed models and great fun to paint. If this is the future of plastics I will not miss resin at all. I went for a bit of an unconventional color scheme as I thought that just making them pure gold would look a bit flat. So instead I went for my trusted recipe of worn white metal as a base and then painted the shoulder pads, graves and plates in gold. It still looks like an golden armor but you can also see the under laying layers. I am pretty happy with these, especially as I painted them at the same time in about four hours, which for me is a bit of speed painting.

1 kommentar:

  1. They do look good - the vari-coloured armour pieces do make it look as if the suits are old and often repaired.

    Also, I really like the servitors and the electro priests, very nice.