söndag 23 oktober 2016

General WIP, knights, warlord and cult mechanicus

This week has been very hectic with me spending the whole week away from home. But I have managed to squeeze some hobby time in. Mostly I have raced to do as much as possible with the 3D printer as I will have to give it up soon. One thing was to re-do the cockpit for the knights. This time I did it as a one piece to get a better fit bet ween the components. Sadly I managed to get some of the measurements wrong when I re-did it. First I managed to get the height of the dividing wall wrong so it did not fit into the knight torso, and I also managed to get the seat to narrow so the pilot did not fit. After some remodeling and quite a lot of swearing (as I had not set up the model for this kind of editing) I managed to fix these two things, just to realize that I also managed to place the dashboard to far back, so the pilot still wont get into the seat, which means one more, and this time really substantial re-modeling again. But at least I now have the basic form down, and if I only can get the front right I might call it on this one and print a few for the future.

One other thing I tested was to make some air intakes for my warlord. It almost looks like the model is missing something on the front of the cooling ducts on the back. The small round air intakes look a bit small, and when examining the model one can actually see that there are some cross-members extruding from the air intakes that are ending with a chamfer that actually lines up to a plane. So by adding some flat pieces to the sides one can get a nice fit to them. As I noted before, printing flat surfaces are not a good idea with the 3D printer as they turn up striped. So I decided to just print the borders for some intake covers and then glue them onto some smooth plasicard. I think this turned out very nice and I like the look of the cooling ridges with these air intake covers. Just need to print another set and make me a second one.

I have also been fielding around with some green stuff on the insides, mostly filling in gapes etc so there is not much to see at the moment. I have also worked a little on the weapon servitors, were they are getting attached to some wires etc.

Doing all these things in a short time is actually quite stressful, so to relax I painted a mechanicum electro priest. So all in all I have not done much but a little on many things.

When putting models next to the War Lord torso one realizes that it is actually not much bigger than a standard building.

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