tisdag 27 september 2016

Fallen Imperial War Dancer; CCW Knight

After the last blog post I got inspired and decided to finish of the CCW knight, aka War Dancer, with the missile launcher on the back, the melta guns and off course, the pilot. i think it turned out ok. It is not the best conversion work as I might have rushed it a bit to get to painting (or I am no better). This also goes for part of the paint work. From a distance it looks great, and also under natural light, but when photographed at close up one can see that it is not as neat as it might have been. This might have to do with me finding it harder to focus my eyes when painting and I thing the lighting in the hobby room needs some attention, or it is just me getting old and sloppy.

Well that is what it is. It will be better next time.

When it comes to the over all pose I am happy with the leg conversion. Just turning the joints at the hips upside down worked well. There where some issues with the pistons and cables, and there was absolutely no room for the banner but it gives the knight a different look, taking it away from the standard model. I think it looks more like the FW knights as the gate is more natural and it also give the knight a more menacing look.The addition of chains to the underside of the shoulder guard also worked out fine. I am however not to sold on the arcs with the spikes. I thin k the work on the shoulders and legs but the set on the hips really interferes with the torso. In a way that is good as it prevents the top form falling of due the imbalance caused by the shield. Which by the way is magnetized as I did not know if it would look to much out of place. The tentacles hanging from the back are also a bit out of place, and attaching them to the exhaust stacks were not such a good idea as it made the it hard to get them into the right place which in turn makes it hard to mount and remove the back carapace. The halberd sword turned out great and I think it was a good idea not to have two of them as I initially planed. Once again it could have been made neater, and I might have to remount the back balance as it is a bit squired.

With some hind sight I might have done somethings differently but over all I think it will make a worth addition to the Northern Ghosts, or the Legio Umbra Borealis.

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  1. I'm also very critical of my own work but don't be too hard on yourself mate.

    Not many hobbyists could achieve what you have done with this series of knights and the paint job looks excellent. I think sometimes painting for the camera pics can be a bit of a trap, I find myself trying to fix details that my eyes in natural lighting can't even see.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I think she's great. And quite like the spiky bits as well.

  3. Thanks guys. I am happy with how it turned out, but I am seriously considering getting new glasses, it is very annoying not to see what I am doing.